Bringing Up Our Children in Light and Truth (Adult Keynote)

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Bringing Up Our Children in Light and Truth (Adult Keynote)
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Our automatic ways of parenting are not good for us or for our children. But, when we bring them up in light and truth, they develop the qualities of character that make their lives meaningful and make our lives more satisfying.


Meet Dr. Wallace Goddard

Wally Goddard is a Professor of Family Life for the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service. He is well known for his creative and award-winning family programs such as Parenting Journey and Marriage Garden. He has authored or co-authored several books including Drawing Heaven into Your Marriage, Soft-Spoken Parenting, Between Parent and Child, and a text on family life education. He is recognized across Arkansas and the U.S. for his public television series entitled Guiding Children Successfully. Wally and his wife, Nancy, have three adult children, thirteen grandchildren (several of whom attend the American Heritage School), and have cared for twenty foster children over their 42 years of marriage.