Children of Liberty—CD

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Children of Liberty—CD
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Children of Liberty: Songs of Gratitude and Deliverance is the first collaborative recording project of the combined American Heritage Youth Chorus and Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra. Featuring new arrangements by award-winning composers Sam Cardon and Greg Hansen, this album is a celebration of gratitude for the sacrifices of pilgrims, patriots, and pioneers who shaped America's destiny.

Track list includes:

  1. Children of Liberty
  2. O God, Beneath Thy Guiding Hand
  3. New World Voyage
  4. Simple Gifts
  5. Tune My Heart
  6. Good News
  7. Faith of Our Fathers
  8. Zion's Walls
  9. Souvenier d'Amerique
  10. The Fire of The Covenant
  11. For the Beauty of the Earth