Cultivating Christian Self-Government

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Cultivating Christian Self-Government
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What are some practical ways we can help cultivate Christian self-government within the hearts of our children?  How can we help them to responsibly act, instead of merely being acted upon?  How can personal and family worship, a “house of learning,” family work, music, mealtimes, and “wholesome recreational activities” help empower our children to conduct themselves as Christians?    

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Presenter: Jill Bigelow and her husband, Rob, adore their ten children and thirty-four grandchildren.  With a love for children, learning, and teaching, she served many years as principal organizer and as a teacher for a home school co-op which has served over a hundred students and their families.  She develops curriculum, provides inservice training, and serves in her church.  They raised a musical family (and much of their own food), and Jill loves cultivating the gift of music in children.  But most of all, she loves nurturing her family through daily music mentoring, weekly “Grandma School,” annual reunions and Cousins’ Camps, and writing family history.