Date Night Retreat PLUS Yahosh Bonner Dinner Concert (Single Ticket)

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Date Night Retreat PLUS Yahosh Bonner Dinner Concert (Single Ticket)

We are so excited to host our first semi-annual Date Night Retreat!! Rather than an all-day retreat, as we've done in years past, we will host two semi-annual evening retreats. We hope this revised format will fit into your schedules easier, while providing many of the same experiences you've come to enjoy from our all-day retreats in the past. Come with your spouse, a friend, an older child, or come alone!The theme and objectives of this event are important. Parents, and children who grow up with the skills of storytelling are powerful missionaries, husbands, fathers, and teachers. We know that through stories deep feelings and conversion to principles occur. It was a primary teaching method of the Savior, and this retreat has been designed to help parents become—and help parent help children become—master "storyteachers." 

As with any date night, great food and entertainment should be a staple, and we promise you will not leave disappointed. Hearing from a national award winning performing story artist, enjoying a delicious catered dinner, and dinner concert with Yahosh Bonner is worth well beyond the ticket price, alone! Oh, yes, and we have an amazing gift for each of you, that will help you turn your children into storytelling machines! See more details below, and please come join us, March 29th! 


  • WHEN: Friday, March 29, 2018, 5:00 AM–8:30 PM, Catered dinner included!
  • WHERE: American Heritage School; 736 N. 1100 E., American Fork, Utah
  • WHO: Babes in arms are always welcome. This event is appropriate for teens.



5:00 – 5:10: Prayer, Song, Welcome

5:10 – 5:50: Tell Me a Story—Why Storytelling Matters

Break to move to workshops

6:00 – 6:30: Workshop #1—The Art of Storytelling

Break to move to next workshop.

6:40 - 7:10: Workshop #2—Turn Your Stories into Gold

7:15 – 9:00: Catered Dinner; Dinner Concert by Yahosh Bonner; Story by Teresa Clark, and Gift for Attendees



Teresa Clark: Back by popular demand since sharing with us at our first "Show & Tell" Live Facebook event, Teresa is a national award winning storyteller and has performed in some of the countries most prestigious festivals from Tennessee to Utah's own Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. She's an author, researcher, and teaching artist who will teach you how to tell engaging stories—whether from a stage or the foot of your children's bed. She's passionate about using her work to strengthen families and advocate for learning opportunities for all.

Carol Rice: A part of Carol's life work has centered around her passion for using story to communicate with youth. In her presentation, you will learn that our spirits live in stories. You will come away with practical tips and a very exciting gift to help you incorporate story into everyday life. Stories breathe life into people who are gone as much as into those who live under our same roof. Children and youth who learn how to tell and use stories are better equipped to communicate with and see people in ways that a technology-filled world has the tendency to stifle.

Peter Knecht: Peter is passionate about storytelling and using stories to connect with youth. As a father of five, and youth leader in every ward he's lived in since leaving home over 25 years ago, Peter has developed an intentional storytelling approach to teaching that he will share. You'll come away from his workshop with your start to recording and using your own personal experiences in more meaningful ways.



You're in for a treat with Yahosh Bonner. Yahosh’s love of music is deeply rooted in his love for the gospel, and if anyone can tell a story through music, he can. Perhaps, you've already listened to him sing on LDS.orgMormon Channel with his family, or on YouTube with James the Mormon or Madilyn Paige, but you've probably never listened to him, LIVE! Suffice it to say, we're taking dinner entertainment up a notch with Yahosh!



As always, you'll enjoy great company over a delicious catered dinner. We'll be serving barbeque salad with two choices of meat (chicken breast strips and pulled pork), chopped romaine, sweet corn, pico de gallo, cheese, tortilla strips; served with baked beans, dutch oven potatoes, and cornbread or homestyle rolls on the side. The gift, well, it's a surprise—but we're pretty sure you'll love it! :)