Journey Towards Greatness

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Journey Towards Greatness
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Our Heavenly Father sent of us here to earth with great mission and purpose. We started our journey on earth hard-wired with greatness and light within us. The power to reach our full potential and life’s purpose—regardless of our age, family circumstance or past track record—is continuously waiting to be released. It just takes a clear path forward. Jacques has dedicated his life to helping others discover the greatness that lies within each of us. His advice can help you in your efforts to join the ranks of the truly great.


Presenter: Jacques Bazinet is Vice President of Corporate Development at InsideOut Development. He has helped propel the organization’s exponential revenue growth over the last six years. Launching a New York Times Best Selling book, developing key industry partnerships with industry leaders, and continuing to build a strong infrastructure for sustained future growth contributed to InsideOut being recognized as one of the top growing companies in Utah during 2012. Jacques’ strengths include corporate vision, leadership, execution, and innovation. He is known as one who inspires teams to fully engage in the tasks at hand and strive for excellence in their personal development. Before joining InsideOut, Jacques worked and traveled with Dr. Stephen R. Covey, meeting with heads of state, business leaders, and municipality leaders around the globe to improve organizational effectiveness. Throughout his career, Jacques has been known to spearhead a wide range of projects. Most recently, he has developed social networking and e-learning communities; a city-wide program to reduce gun violence in Aurora, Illinois; and a comprehensive plan to lower unemployment in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacques is most passionate about developing relationships and creating results.