Teaching Young Children to Read and Write

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Teaching Young Children to Read and Write
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There is nothing more gratifying than to watch the skill of reading and writing open up to a child.  We will begin this class by laying the foundation of the blessing of the ability to communicate through language and the importance of being good stewards over this gift.  We will discuss the importance of phonemic awareness such as rhyming, hearing beginning, middle and ending sounds in preparing a child to read.  The ability to decode words phonetically is an asset to any child in developing reading skills.  As a child uses the skills of phonetic decoding, spelling, reading, and writing words, he is able to create his/her own sentences.  Excitement for reading is guaranteed when a child is able to read his or her own writing.

Presenter: Linda Strong began teaching at American Heritage School for 19 years. Having graduated from BYU, she has a composite bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. A longtime resident of Utah, she has traveled as far as Korea and New Zealand but has always called Utah County home. After teaching Kindergarten for three years in the public school system, Mrs. Strong retired for several years to raise seven children. During this time, she also conducted a preschool out of her home. Her family is unique in that it is multi-cultural. Of her seven children, four are adopted – two from Korea and two from India. She and her husband Mark are now the grandparents of 14 and they have enjoyed the experience of blending different backgrounds in their family. “Words cannot express my gratitude for the blessings that I have received from being at American Heritage School” Linda says. “I love teaching and cherish my association with the children, patrons, and faculty of this wonderful school.” Mrs. Strong has captured the beauty of AHS and love and experience of her teaching in a wonderful Pre-K to Kindergarten program by publishing online her Literature, Language, and History courses.