Music, a Moral Law Timeline Cards

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Music, a Moral Law Timeline Cards
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The "His" Story Timeline provides a powerful framework for learning, remembering, and associating significant people and developments in "His" Christ's story. History is Christ's story of providing for His children in many lands and through many means. The "His" Story Timeline allows children to see how God's providential hand has shaped His story. To create your timeline, begin by purchasing the timeline card set for each course. As you study and learn, new timeline cards will be introduced, and your children can hang them on your wall under their respective "Key Link" image (not provided; see a sample here). 

Throughout the year, children add their timeline cards to this growing “His” story Timeline. As they do, they will relate new people and events to those previously studied on the timeline. Soon, your “His” Story Timeline will become a beautiful mosaic of what your children have studied over many years.

All timeline cards are printed full-color, with rounded edges, and UV coated. The number of timeline cards varies by course. Some courses do not include timeline cards. The price of each set of course timeline cards is based on the number of cards included. See flipbook to view the complete set included in this set.