Renaissance and Baroque Art Student Handouts

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Throughout every Family School lesson plan you are often invited to "give one to each child" or to print out various assignment/activity worksheets for children to complete on their own. If there is one product we encourage moms to purchase pre-printed it is this one! There is no way you can print these handouts on your own for less than we sell them and it will literally save you hours—each week! Do yourself a favor and purchase a pre-printed handout packet for each of your children. Set them aside in filing folders or binders. When you are getting ready for a new lesson, just grab the ones you want to use and you're ready to go. Preparation time drops significantly when you cut out the lesson-by-lesson printing of handouts.

Handout packets are printed black/white, unlike the flipbook displayed above. Occasionally, you may want some of your handouts printed in color. Simply print those freely from within the lesson at For a sample of what is included within a student handout packet, see the flipbook.