Unit 1 Student Support Kit

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There are three units in Teach Your Child to Read Using the Book of Mormon. Unit 1 consists of the first 8 chapters. Student Support Kits are being created for each unit, however, only the Unit 1 kit is currently available. Each Student Support Kit includes several simple and fun exercises and activities designed to reinforce the skills, letters, and sounds introduced in each chapter, while giving children quick “wins.” This support kit includes the following for each of the 8 chapters within Unit 1:

  • Student Reader
  • Letter Recognition
  • Questions & Answer
  • Trace & Copy
  • Writing
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Drawing & Coloring
  • Additional Games (Bingo, Word Find, Mazes, Tic-Tac-Toe, Crosswords, Sequencing, etc.)

We know there are many effective programs for teaching children to read and write, but we know of none that combine such excellent methods and scripture to educate the mind, increase faith, grow love and understanding of true principles, and strengthen family relationships as this resource does. We recommend a copy for every home, regardless of your children’s or grandchildren’s reading level. Its effectiveness for teaching new and struggling readers to read and read well is unparalleled.